Health & Safety

SPT DRILLING LTD. is committed to providing a competent proactive Occupational Health and Safety Program that will protect its workers, clients, public, equipment, and the environment from harm.

Our Health and Safety program is a shared responsibility. The program implementation, enforcement and maintenance is the responsibility of everyone employed by the company, Management, Supervisors and employees. SPT DRILLING LTD. realizes that a proper Health and Safety Program has a positive impact on how we continue to do business. As a result Management supports the necessary training, equipment and procedures needed to ensure the health and safety of all Employees at our work sites. All Employees have the responsibility for ensuring relevant legislation, policies, procedures, guidelines and safe work practices are understood and followed and to recommend any improvements they have to the health and safety program. This policy and our company safety manual shall be reviewed with all employees on initial orientation prior to commencing work.

In favor of the potential for improving our health and safety program Management will comply with legislative requirements that relate to our work sites for the protection of our people, equipment, materials and the environment.

Environmental Policy

SPT DRILLING LTD. is committed to conducting its business of environmental/geotechnical drilling in a manner that is environmentally responsible with minimal impact on the environment. We will comply with all environmental laws, regulations and requirements. We will continually review our operation and procedures and institute changes as necessary to maximize the positive and minimize the adverse environmental impacts of our operations. We will be accountable for our performance to our primary stakeholders – the residents of the communities in which we operate, customers and clients.

Employee Training

SPT DRILLING LTD. has a comprehensive package of employee safety and job specific training to ensure that all employees are competent and current in their ability to carry out the tasks assigned to them. Our on-site employees have the following formal training:

  • Standard First Aid with CPR
  • Construction Safety Training Systems (CSTS)
  • H2S Alive
  • Ground Disturbance Level II
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Fire Extinguisher Training

In addition to this all drilling supervisors and management have taken Leadership for Safety Excellence training through Alberta Construction Safety Association.

SPT DRILLING LTD. is registered on the following contractor/supplier on-line data bases:

  • CANADA HSE ( Comply Works)

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